About Me

You ask, "Who is this Crazy Grader?"  Bridgette Burke--Yep, that's me!  My love for clothing pattern design began in 2006 when I decided to finally follow my heart and enroll in Fashion Design courses at Wade College in Dallas, TX. After various internships and positions in the fashion world, along with my 11 years prior experience in technical writing, I decided to branch out on my own and give business ownership a try.  I am one of the recipients of The Fashionistas Fashion Fund Scholarship for 2014.  I am also the 2nd place winner of Dallas' The Little Black Dress Designer Competition 2014. And, though I placed 2nd in the actual competition, I was honored with the 1st place award for the public vote!

The CRAZY Grader specializes in pattern grading first and foremost. However, we offer other related services such as pattern digitizing, pattern drafting, patternmaking, marker making, and plotting at reasonable costs to other emerging and established fashion designers who long for a trustworthy business partnership.  I like to think that I am a part of your technical design department. Together with our skillsets, we make a great team--don't you think?  And, for those of you with a vision, but no direction, no worries!  Just give me a holler to schedule a consultation and I will help you meet your goals. 


So, next, you might ask, "Is she really CRAZY?"  Why, yes I am!! I am CRAZY about my craft and thoroughly enjoy the technical aspects of pattern design and grading.  I work with an intense, mad-scientist-like methodology that sometimes drive other people CRAZY.  But, because I am such a detail-oriented person with a need to understand the most minute components of great pattern design, I tend to drive myself CRAZY until the patterns are precise and perfect.  In my world, CRAZY is always good!