Below is a simple list of the services offered at The Crazy Grader.  Here, we like to keep it simple and easy to understand.  If your need is not listed here, shoot an email to me and I will see what I can do for you.  The Crazy Grader works with integrity and skill to provide you with a quality set of patterns.  The Crazy Grader is not only an independent pattern designer, but also a fashion designer who understands the needs of other fashion designers. My range of knowledge in the apparel life-cycle and design arenas will serve as a positive resource for our business relationship,  The Crazy Grader wants to be your one-stop source for quality apparel patterns. 

01 Digitizing


Digitizing is the process of transferring your paper patterns to a digital format that will be uploaded into Optitex CAD system.  Each garment style will incur a setup fee, which includes the cost of digitizing your paper patterns into the computer so they can be easily graded and/or manipulated.  You may also use this service when you simply want your patterns converted to digital form for archiving and storage purposes.  

02 Pattern Making and Revision


A Design Session is required to review your designs and discuss the scope of the project. 

03 Pattern Grading


Grading, of course, is our specialty here at The Crazy Grader.  Grading is the process of creating multiple sizes from your original base size pattern, eliminating the need to re-draft the pattern in each size.  You will need to provide your base size measurements (basically the size of the fit model or dress form used to create the base size) as well as your measurement chart. 

04 Marker Making


Marker making is the process of strategically placing all of the pattern pieces from a specific garment style on to a piece of paper, which meets the size requirement of your fabric layout. The goal is to eliminate as much fabric waste as possible.  The marker is then used to lay on top of your fabric plies to be used as a cutting guide.  Markers provide an efficient and effective method for cutting your fabric quantities.  

05 Consultation 


A free initial consultation should be scheduled to discuss your needs and timeline.  Schedule now.